Reflections of a Rock Star Romance Writer #25

So, I've been participating in Sexy Savvy Social's vlog every day in April (#sssveda) challenge and it's been a blast. I decided not to post every video to the blog, but if you watch the vlog in this blog - confusing isn't it? - you'll be taken to my YouTube channel.

Today's happy little episode should, technically, be tomorrow's happy little episode. I'm a day ahead of myself instead of just being a day ahead of everyone else who is participating - the challenges of living in the Antipodes and seeing the sun rise well before the rest of the world.

Reflections of a Rock Star Romance Writer #9

So, I'm vlogging every day for the month of April.
Day 2 of Sexy Savvy Social's VEDA (vlog every day of April) #SSSVEDA.
Today's thoughts on digging dogs, my favourite tv commercial - no mean feat since I don't have any time to watch TV! And the semi-missed introduction from yesterday. If you want to see yesterday's video, it's on YouTube.

Do not fear, the writing is not suffering, I'm dictating story on the way home in the car. It's just the transcribing that suffering.


Reflections of a Rock Star Romance Writer #6

Reflections on ritual and coffee and amazing Mood of the Suburbs shots.
Sometimes I'm just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and the quick shots I take on the iPhone turn out to be amazing moments in time.

I've reflected recently (just to me, like in my own head, not publicly or anything) about the fleeting nature of life and the vastness of the Universe.
This is really code for worrying about death.