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Billionaires & Proposals

Have you sampled my billionaires? Zoe and Adam are two of my favourite people and it's not just because Adam has a fondness for building things and Zoe owns a beautiful bookshop. I enjoy setting my stories in New Zealand and The Pacific Billionaire's Proposal is set in Auckland, my home city. The book (along with all my other books) is available in #KindleUnlimited Readers say the nicest things about this book: " It's a beautiful love story." " The Pacific Billionaire's Proposal was my first read by author Toni Kenyon. And I hope it's the start of many more incredible stories. From the beginning of the book I fell in love with the story of Adam and Zoe. Both Adam and Zoe struggled with demons of their past. But as their love grew they were able to trust in each other they were able to come to terms with their demons together. I highly recommend readers to grab this book you won't be disappointed." " I love steamy billionaire romance and this one is absolutely fantastic. I read it without a break. It is exciting and has a good action without being predictable. I can certainly recommend this book and this author and I am looking forward to read more." It always strikes me as interesting where ideas for stories come from. This story was inspired by watching some of the shops in our central city struggle with constant road works outside of their doors. I don't get into our beautiful central city much these days--I'm too busy at home with the vegetable garden and the chickens and the bees. Spring is here and it's a wonderful time to enjoy the blossom on the fruit trees.

Love from the word mines, Toni 💕

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