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Fab three-book box set for your reading pleasure

Well, now ‘him indoors’ isn’t able to get on the road with his own band here in New Zealand, due to climbing cases of the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, he’s taken a keen interest in my bands!



I’m thrilled to announce that Style Strike has been incorporated into a fab three-book box set for your reading pleasure.

If you love (or have loved) this series, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d go show it some love.

If you’re new to these books, what are they all about you may be asking? Well, let me share with you:

Book 1:

Style What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless it follows you home

All Ashley Jacobs wants to do is forget about the Get Rocked! In Vegas Festival and get on with her life.

Unfortunately, the one night she spent in the arms of British band, Style Strike’s bad boy bass player, Paul Gray makes that simple wish impossible. She’s brought home more than memories.

What should have been a fun fling before she settled into her orderly life has gone awry. To her horror, Ashley’s entire life is turned upside down when she discovers that she’s pregnant. She’s literally about to be left holding the baby.

Paul Gray’s never forgotten that night in Vegas with the woman who wanted nothing to do with a rock star. Style Strike’s US tour has gone from strength to strength and his social media star is on the rise.

Paul finds himself surrounded by everything he's worked so hard to achieve. His life is awash with women, fame and fortune—but all he can think about is the sensual woman who walked away from him that night in Vegas.

Knowing the tour's about to hit her hometown, Ashley makes the sensible decision to contact Paul. He needs to be told about the baby, doesn’t he?

Book 2 Strike: Finding yourself has never been so much fun!

Paul's best friend.

He's the drummer in the band.

You know him; he's the guy hanging around at the back. The sensible one. The caring one. Todd's the one everyone can rely on.

But he hits things. Hard!

He's got an inked body that speaks of sinful things in the night. And he's 24-years-old.

Rose James-Spencer crashes into his life. She's 34-years-old and trying to find herself in New York.

With Todd she's found a hell of a lot more than she ever went looking for and she's not sure that she can handle him.

Book 3 Stroke: He thinks he deserves a second chance--but does she?

Ryan's never forgotten that first, sweet, innocent kiss. The way his insides curled up. The way his entire body came alive.

He thought they'd be together forever. But then, the siren call of the band took him away. Fame. Fortune. Women throwing themselves at him.

But he never forgot her. She always held a place in his heart.

Even if she did tell him to leave. Becky didn't want to love him. Watching him walk away had been the hardest thing she'd ever done in her life.

She'd picked up the shattered pieces of her heart and forged ahead--making a new life for herself--without him.

Then he came home. To bury his mother.

Seeing him, alone by the side of the grave threatened to unravel her. If she could just keep her distance--until he left--then she'd be okay.

But his mother had other ideas. Pick up the box set here and *Bonus* it's a free read if you're a KU subscriber!

My next task is to complete the edits for the sequel to Pushing Up Daisies… so watch this space for more news soon.

Happy reading,

Toni xx

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