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Dear reader,


Tessa is a young mother, like millions of other women her age.


She has everything she’s ever wished for: a loving husband, a beautiful home and two beautiful, healthy sons.


Yet she always feels like something is missing. She’s got a hole in her soul that nothing will fill and a racing head that will never quiet. Tessa tries to fill that hole in her soul and calm the voices in her head with parties and alcohol—which leads to an illicit affair—an affair which threatens to tear apart the very fabric of Tessa’s life.


Guilt ridden and no longer able to numb her pain through imbibing in ever increasing amounts of alcohol, Tessa’s control begins to slide and her life becomes a slow-motion train wreck. Even the love and support of her family is not enough to slow the collapse and things continue to build to the inevitable crises.


Facing a life and death turning point, Tessa begins to seek help and with that comes some hope.


Can she hang onto a thin reed of hope and turn her life around?


Comments from readers:


"I feel invested in her recovery as if she was real..."


"The emotions bubbled out of me, I cried and screamed at the words on the page. That is the mark of a great writer in my opinion."


"It was hard to keep going, but I am not sorry I finished."


"I loved the characters..."



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