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A man who's afraid to commit and a woman who doesn't want or need too. Bridget Jones' womanising Daniel Cleaver meets the new millennium version of Elizabeth Bennett.

Amy, a hot-headed, determined woman has it all, including Jake, no-strings, no commitment, hot-n-heavy sexual delight. There's little room in her life for a permanent man and she likes it that way.

Jake's tiring of his cardboard cut-out-life. There's only so much Chardonnay one man can drink in his lifetime and only so many Barbie dolls he can take to bed. His soul yearns for something more permanent; could that something be Amy?


Comments from readers:


"Wow what a great story...I loved the characters..."


"Holy moly hot stuff !!!"


"Jen & Arabella and the kids are great..."


"Amy was excellent, consistent and I loved her 'jealous but reasonable & rational' attitude...Jake's redemption was also good."



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