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Can music heal the soul of this wounded warrior?


Liam Herewini's come from the wrong side of the tracks

Displaced in his youth

Dogged by a sense of distrust

He finds solace in the heartbeat of his drums


With a failed band behind him

And a bright future in front of him

All he has to do is keep his eye on the prize

But his heart's set on the detached Alannah


Alannah Walsh has had it with bands

She's been burned by men and their music before

But keeping Liam at arm's length

Is becoming more and more difficult


They're friends--without the benefits

If she can stay away from him long enough

He'll go on tour and she'll never see him again

Or will she?

BREAKTHROUGH is book 2 of the King Brothers Rockstar romance series. 


No rockstars (or drummers!) were harmed during the writing of this story!

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