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It's all he's ever wanted--but will it be enough?

Dylan King fell hard

In love with a guitar

From the first moment he touched it

Nothing else mattered.

He'd found his calling

Life on the road beckoned.

But he had to get out of Auckland
Leave everything behind

Nothing would get in the way of his dream

So he had to leave her too.


Destiny Hughes has everything she wants

Except Dylan King

Why would he leave their home town

to chase some wild dream of being a star?


Can't he see that she's all that he needs?

He's all that she wants.

But life on the road does strange things to people

Changes them

Makes them unrecognisable.

BREAKOUT is book 1 of the King Brothers Rockstar romance series. 

No rockstars (or or lead singers!) were harmed during the writing of this story!

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