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Can two fractured hearts come together to create one great love?


Billionaire Vintner, Harry Pearson returns from overseas to his family’s vineyard on Hauraki Island in New Zealand with plans to develop the estate into the finest vineyard complex in the country—and bring some much needed prosperity to the Island. Emotionally traumatised from an affair gone astray and struggling with the aftermath of his late father’s drinking, womanising and disastrous business deals, he vows he will never love again.


Grace Richards wants out of New Zealand and away from Hauraki Island. After a stressful stint at university studying commerce, she’s hiding out and licking her wounds in the family bach at tranquil, Spindle Bay. Grace decides the only way forward with her life is to follow her dream and study photography in Europe. All she needs now is to make enough money to get on the plane and leave the painful past behind her.


When the lure of big money means that Grace ends up working as Harry’s PA she struggles to keep the relationship professional. What Harry doesn’t count on is Grace’s fiery passion for Hauraki Island reigniting his capacity to open his heart to the possibility of love.


Can Harry convince Grace to let go of her dream to escape and create a life with him as head of the Pearson dynasty?



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