King Brothers - Chapter 43

You were all in (nearly) complete agreement last week about how Alannah should be reacting to the situation she now finds herself in.

This was a surprise because, historically, you’ve all struggled to agree with what Alannah should do.

Perhaps we’re all getting to know our lovely Irish love a little bit better.

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Chapter 43


I’d waited so long to be alone with Alannah.

The last couple of times, I’d completely blown it with her—this time I wasn’t going to let that happen.

“What do you want to know?” Alannah asked. I could hear, for the first time ever, a slight tremble in her voice. She’d been telling me the truth. She obviously was afraid that taking our relationship to the next level would destroy the friendship that we had.

“I want you to believe me when I tell you that I have loved you from the very start.

That I’ll always love you. I’ll love you until the day I die.”

Did I see her lip tremble?

“I believe you,” she whispered never taking her eyes from my own.

“Do you, really? I need you to tell me the truth.”

She nodded, “I do. I believe you. I think I’ve been so scared of being with you because I feel the same way.”

I covered her mouth with my own.

My hunger for her unleashed itself and a sense of overwhelming desire coursed through me.

When our lips eventually parted, I found myself panting for breath.

I wasn’t waiting any longer.

“I need you,” I breathed as I stood up and scooped Alannah up off the couch. “Come lie with me and forget the world out there.”

Her body shuddered in my arms as she glanced in the direction of the rest of the band cavorting around the pool.

“Won’t they wonder where you are?” she asked.

Now I laughed.

“They’ve been giving me shit since the moment you arrived. If I wasn’t in here with you they’d be giving me even more shit.”

The colour of the blush that erupted on Alannah’s face almost matched the colour of the bikini top that she wore.

I couldn’t wait to get the rose coloured scraps of material away from her breasts and suckle the nipples whose nubs I could see hardening through the sheer material.

“You shouldn’t be laying out in the Californian sun,” I purred as I laid Alannah down on the large bed. “Your perfect white skin will burn.”

I could scarcely wait to run my tongue along the length of her skin. I’d fantasised for so long about this moment. I didn’t want to blow it either.

Take it easy, the voice in my head reminded me.

I could feel the swell of my cock making my trousers tight.


I wanted this woman and I wanted her bad.

“I might have a little of the tar brush in me,” Alannah teased, as she ran her porcelain white hands down my dark skin.

My cock swelled again in response to the touch of her hands on my body. It took all my resolve to slow things down.

To even breathe.

I wasn’t going to rush at this like some kind of overzealous teen. I wanted to take my time. To make things last. To give Alannah the pleasure that she deserved.

Damn near gritting my teeth, I ran my finger down the front of Alannah’s chest, tracing the valley between her breasts. Her skin quivered under my touch.

“It tickles,” she said, her body squirming under the graze of my fingers. I couldn’t believe the contrast between our skin tones. Mine carrying the dark colour of my Pacific ancestors and hers the pale colour of her own Celtic heritage.

As my fingers stroked and then lingered around the thin shoe-string straps of her bikini top, Alannah’s fingertips traced the swirling lines of the tattoo on my upper arm.

“I’ve always loved this,” she breathed.

“My family history,” I replied, “the lines tell the story of my combined Maori and European ancestry.”

“Why have you never told me that before?” she asked as her fingers continued to trace the lines. Her touch seemed enough to take me to the point where my brain barely functioned.

My entire focus had become her.

It had been her for such a long time and now I could scarcely believe that I had her here beside me. Waiting for me to strip her of the protection of her clothes.

With infinite care, I tipped Alannah’s slim body into my own. She fit inside the curve of my torso and it only confirmed to me once again that we belonged together.

Her hands found their way under my shirt and I gasped as her palms hit my belly.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the string and undid the bow of Alannah’s bikini top and pulled the scraps of material up over her head. I was rewarded by the sight of rosebud nipples that complimented the tone of her pale skin.

A groan escaped from deep inside of me.

“Fair’s fair,” Alannah said in her lilting Irish tone, “Take your t-shirt off.”

I didn’t need asking again.

She fell back against the bed, her eyes wide with lust as she watched me pull my shirt up over my head.

Had it only been this morning that I’d sat in front of her after my run in almost the same state of undress? Yet here, right this moment, the erotic tension that filled the room made it difficult to think straight.

It took all my self-restraint not to pull off her tiny wrap and the rest of her bikini and plunge myself into her.

Alannah’s hands found their way to my chest, her fingers circled my nipples making them stand to attention under her touch.

My mouth found its way to her breasts. I suckled first one tight nipple and then the other.

Alannah arched into me.

Her body almost levitating from the bed.

“I’ve wanted you for such a long time,” I moaned as I began to follow my hands down her body with my mouth.

I could no longer wait.

Restraint gone, I pulled at the wrap skirt. The thin strips of material knotted together and and I heard a growl of frustration erupt from inside of me.

I pulled the material down Alannah’s hips and with it the balance of her bikini.

Hungry for her taste, my mouth covered a dark triangle of hair.

Alannah moaned and thrust herself up into my mouth as my tongue found her sweet depths.

“Oh, god,” she moaned.

“Good?” I asked.

“Shut up and don’t stop,” she replied.

My cock strained against the confines of my pants.

I shuffled the offending materials from my body and then settled myself to the task of making Alannah come.

It didn’t take long before her body bucked and shuddered beneath the ministrations of my mouth and fingers.

I crawled back up her panting body and my mouth found hers.

“I need to be inside of you,” I said between kisses.

Alannah moaned and hauled herself from my arms and the bed.

“Wait here,” she said.

She returned from the bathroom with a tiny foil packet in her hand.

“My turn to pleasure you,” she said, her face still flushed from the heat of her own orgasm.

I lay back on the bed, tucked my hands behind my head and allowed this gorgeous woman to take control.

I wasn’t used to lying back and letting someone else take control, but I trusted Alannah and I loved her.

My body began to tremble as she ran her fingernails over the tight muscle of my stomach and down to the dip of my hips.

With extreme care and a mischievous glint in her eye, she took a diversion around my hard cock and slid her hands down my inner thighs.

When she cupped my balls, I took an involuntary breath.

“Hussy,” I complained.

Alannah just gave me a measured smile as she lowered her head and then slipped her mouth over my cock.

I closed my eyes.

The world had gone white.

An exquisite sensation flooded my entire body.

She began to work her mouth up and down my cock as the pin-pricks of her fingernails kneaded my balls.

How long could I stand this without coming in her mouth?

Not long.

“Enough,” I moaned as I leaned forward and pulled Alannah back up my body so she lay prostrate on top of me.

“Where’s that condom?”

She produced the packet and I made short work of putting it on.

“Come here,” I growled as I lay back again and then pulled Alannah up on top of me. She wriggled into position, rubbing herself against the sensitive tip of my cock.

“I need you in me,” she said as she leaned forward and slid herself slowly down the length of my cock.

It felt as if time stopped.

Overwhelming sensation flooded through me.

Alannah leaned on my shoulders and began a tortuous rhythm of sliding herself up and down my cock.

With every down stroke I slid a little deeper into her.

Every movement felt as if I were slipping deeper and deeper under her spell.

I grasped her hips, fighting furiously for control.

I wanted her to move faster, but I was terrified that if she did, I’d come.

She leaned forward.

My mouth found a nipple.

I suckled.

I bit.

Alannah moaned.

I wanted to come.

With every ounce of effort I pulled out of her.

I flipped her on her back.

Pulled a leg over my shoulder and plunged back inside of her.

She whimpered.

I closed my eyes, determined to make this last, but it was just too good.

I could smell us.

I could smell sex.

I buried my face in the curve of Alannah’s neck.

Plundered her body with my own.

Alannah began to moan and shudder all over again.

I surrendered to the call of her body.

And let go.


Liam and I lay together in a pool of mutual contentment.

How long, I had no idea.

“You were so worth the wait,” Liam whispered as he rearranged his long, tattooed limbs around me.

Neither of us had any desire to move and I liked that.

I felt safe and loved and secure.

Making love with Liam had been so different to any kind of lovemaking I’d ever experienced before.

I was one of those girls who historically fucked to make friends. Liam and I had been friends for such a long time, having sex with him had been a completely different experience.

I liked that.

I liked him.

Who was I kidding?

I loved him.

I’d loved him well before we lay together this afternoon.

The experience of making love with this man had been so unlike any other sexual experience I’d had in my life. I felt comfortable with him.

The fact that we were completely sober the first time that we’d made love hadn’t escaped my attention either.

“I like sex in the afternoon,” I said as I snuggled deeper into the cocoon of Liam’s body.

“Me too,” he said as his mouth found the side of my neck. The touch of his mouth elicited a shiver from my body. “Can we do this every afternoon?”

“The band might have something to say about that,” I teased.

“Fuck the band,” he said.

“You don’t mean that.”

“I might.”

His teasing tone made me laugh.

I knew never to make a man choose between me and the band. I’d seen too many women make that mistake.

Men always chose the band.

I would never make that mistake, especially with Liam. I knew how married he was to the band and how their success was his success. He’d worked too hard to chuck it all away now and I would never expect him to make a choice.

But what about the way Calvin was making us live? Weren’t we living a lie? And look what that had done to me and Steve.

Changing the direction of the conversation seemed like a good idea.

“What do you make of Calvin’s request that we keep the fact we’ve hooked up away from the rest of the world?”

I felt Liam shrug. “He wants what’s best for the band.”

“What about what’s best for us?” I couldn’t help feeling petulant.

“What we’ve just done is best for us,” Liam replied as I felt his hand cup my butt cheek. “And I feel like doing it again.”

I rolled over out of his grasp. “No, I’m serious. I don’t think you know how much pressure it puts on people, trying to hide their relationship from the world.”

“Hiding that you were his girlfriend had nothing to do with Steve’s breakdown.”

Liam was probably right.

Who was I kidding? We both knew Liam was right.

He added, “But don’t think it doesn’t piss me off that I can’t announce our relationship from the rooftops.” He pulled me to him again, smothering my mouth with a hard, insistent kiss. “You’re mine and I want everyone in the world to know it.”

Yeah, my head said. But that didn’t stop me being totally pissed off with Calvin because I found myself in this situation all over again.

But then, maybe that wasn’t Calvin’s fault.

I gave up thinking about it, beginning again to surrender to the pleasure that Liam’s hands and mouth were giving me.

An urgent hammering on the door interrupted any illusions that we might be able to take this particular moment any further.

“Liam, get out here, we need you,” Jesse’s muffled voice could be heard.

“Fuck off!” Liam yelled.

The hammering didn’t stop.

“We might have to see what they want,” I said, as much as I didn’t want to have to interrupt the sensations fluttering through me.

Liam sighed and peeled his hard body from my own.

“What now?”

* * *

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