King Brothers - Chapter 12

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The anticipation...

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Chapter 12


I opened my eyes to the warming sight of Destiny sitting along the edge of the windowsill. She’d pulled on one of my shirts and the unexpected vision of her in a piece of my clothing made my body ache for her all over again.

“Hey,” I called across the room.

She turned and looked over at me. The early morning light bathed her in a warm glow and all I wanted to do was pull her back into bed with me.

“Hi,” she said, the curve of a smile confirming that she was pleased to see me too.

“How long you been sitting there?”

She shrugged, “Not long.”

“You hungry?” I asked suddenly aware that I hadn’t eaten anything since before the band went on stage. My stomach growled a little reminding me of my neglect.

“Only for you,” Destiny said as she hopped down from the windowsill and stepped across the small space between us.

I lifted the covers and she slid her body beside me.

“You need to take that off,” I growled as I tugged at the soft cotton of my t-shirt.

Breakfast could wait.

We were heading out on the road in the next couple of days.

Last night had been a mind-blowing experience for many reasons, not the least of them because of the way Destiny’s body reacted to my own.

Her nipples peaked as I pulled the soft cloth of my t-shirt from her body.

Last night I’d discovered the wonders of her body and this morning I wanted to take the time to bask in the mutual pleasures that we’d afforded each other.

“You know they had a party out there last night without us?” Destiny asked as she arched her body into mine.

“Shut up,” I said as I let go her first nipple and turned my attention to the other. “I don’t want to hear about anything except what’s happening in here between the two of us.”

“Destiny! Destiny! We need to go.”

At the sound of her name and a sudden hammering on the door Destiny pushed me away and sat up.

“You okay, Angela?”

I pulled Destiny’s hand to my hard cock.

She squeezed and a bolt of pleasure ran through my body.

“No,” came the muffled reply from behind the door.

“Send her home,” I hissed. “You can’t leave me like this.”

“Give me a minute,” Destiny said as she pulled my t-shirt back on, unlocked the bedroom door, stepped outside and closed it behind her.

I didn’t have a good feeling about this.

The girls were a team. Even if they were all old enough to look out for themselves—they still looked out for each other.

That wasn’t a bad thing—unless, of course, you had a hard on and no-one to share it with.

A couple of minutes passed and Destiny hadn’t returned.

I gave up.

Put on a pair of jeans and headed out into the flat.

I found Destiny and Angela sat on one of the couches in amongst the debris of last night’s partying.

“What’s up?”

“We need to go,” Angela said.

I liked Angela, but I liked Destiny more.

“You okay?” I asked Angela. She had the look of a possum caught in the headlights about her. A possum who might have had one too many drinks—or even something else—last night and then passed out.

“I just need to go home,” she said with a pleading look that she focussed with laser precision in Destiny’s direction.

“You okay while I go and get dressed?” Destiny asked.

Angela nodded.

“You know where Ella is?”

Angela pointed in the direction of Marty’s room. “I knocked on the door, she said she’d be right out.”

“I’ll be right back, okay?”

Destiny stood up and headed back to my bedroom.

Things were not going the way that I’d planned this morning. I closed the door behind us and sat down on the bed.

“What’s up? Can’t you just send her home? Get her a cab or something?”

Destiny looked at me as if I’d suggested that we throw her naked out on the street.

“She did something last night that’s freaked her out. We need to take her home.”

“What kind of thing?” Then I thought about the way my band mates had been looking at Angela in the bar when we left last night. “If Liam or Jesse have done something to upset Angela you need to tell me.”

I watched with fascination as Destiny stripped my t-shirt from her body and began to put on her underwear.

I had the overwhelming desire to lick her body.

To peel the lacy material away from her and keep her here, naked. Forever.

“No. Nothing that they’ve done. She took a pill that someone gave her. It’s made her feel like shit. She’ll be fine once we get her home.”

“Who gave it to her?”

Destiny shrugged, “No idea.”

If it was Liam or Jesse, they were going to have more shit come down on them than they ever imagined.

“When can I see you again?” I asked as I watched Destiny pull on her boots. “We’re leaving to go on tour in a couple of days.”

Destiny stopped putting on her boots.

Looked up at me.

What did I see on her face?



Fuck! What was going on?

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” she replied as she continued to do up her boots. She stood up, picked up her coat and her purse and then turned to face me.

“Like I’m going off to fucking war, or something. I’m going away for a couple of weeks. I’ll be back.”

Destiny took a deep breath.

“I had a really great time last night,” she said as she took a step towards me and then cupped my chin in her hand. It was the lightest of touches. “I want you to know that you’re special to me because you’re my first.” I thought I saw a tear forming at the corner of Destiny’s eye. What the fuck was going on? She tipped her head to one side and said in almost a whisper. “I’ll always be grateful for that and I’ll never forget you.”

Then she leaned forward and her lips touched mine.

The softest of kisses.

My insides curled.

I had the urge to throw my arms around Destiny. To wrestle her to the bed. But I knew that wouldn’t change what was happening.

“Go be a rockstar,” she said as her hand slipped from my face, “you’re going to be amazing.”

Then she turned and walked out of my bedroom.

Why did I have the unmistakable feeling that Destiny had just walked out of my life?

It had been three days since the band’s first gig and my night with Destiny.

I’d barely had a chance to think about what had happened between the two of us.

Time had passed in a blur of never ending rehearsals, with the odd promotional trip to one of several local radio stations thrown in to break the monotony.

It felt as if I hadn’t been outside the doors of the pub for weeks, but I didn’t care.

I was living my dream.

We were booked to do a two week tour of the North Island. We were stopping in at some tiny towns that I’d never heard of until the four of us sat looking at the tour schedule that Calvin provided to us.

Now, we were loading our gear into the back of the van. Well, more like the four of us were stood staring at a large pile of gear sitting at the back of the van while Stan somehow managed to cram it all into what looked like an impossible space.

“You’ll be doing this standing on your heads by the end of the month,” Stan said as he indicated for me to hand him another one of Liam’s drum cases.

It didn’t seem that long ago that Stan had been picking me and Marty up from Marty’s house over on the Shore and yet so much had happened in such a short space of time.

“You’ll never get it all in there,” Marty sighed as he handed Stan the next requested impossibly shaped travel case.

“You watch him,” Jesse said with a disarming grin.

“Liam and Jesse here,” Stan said as Jesse handed him a keyboard stand, “have packed this van enough to be able to do it without me.” Then he looked at the stand in Jesse’s hand and said, “You trying to take the piss, you know the stands go in last. Now hand me that bass over there.”

Jesse winked at me, stood the stand against the tail light of the battered van and picked up his bass.

“Now the keyboards,” Stan directed.

Marty dutifully handed over his keyboard and so it went on until, somehow, the mountain of gear had been packed into the rear of the vehicle.

I felt as if we’d just watched Rumpelstiltskin spin a room full of straw into gold.

“You ready to hit the road?” Calvin arrived with Jeff the sound man to check on progress.

The four band members would travel in the van with Stan. Calvin had a cool car that knelt at the curb to allow him to wheel himself into the vehicle. He could also stow his chair and drive, but while we were on the road, Jeff would drive Calvin’s car. Being the true professional that he was, Calvin liked to take his own sound man on the road when his bands toured. That made Jeff an integral part of the team and, no doubt, one of the reasons that Calvin’s bands were received so well, wherever they went in the country.

“Newbies in the back,” Liam announced as he commandeered the prime front seat position next to Stan.

“You’re in the middle,” I announced to Marty as Jesse took the seat directly behind Liam and I bolted for the window seat on the other side.

“Fuck you,” Marty muttered, “we can swap at the next stop.”

“Next stop’s The Tron,” Jesse said. “We can draw straws for tomorrow.”

An hour and a half down the southern motorway and we’d be in Hamilton. It wasn’t too far away from home, but it was far enough to definitely be on the road.

Stan gunned the engine and we pulled out of the rear drive of The Globe.

Then it hit me.

I was fucking on the road.

On my first tour.

I was doing it.

We crossed the top of the Bombay Hills and the concrete of greater Auckland gave way to the rolling green of rural New Zealand.

The boys were all plugged into their own music—noise cancelling headphones were a godsend—and Stan seemed happy enough navigating his way through the now sporadic traffic.

For the first time in days, I began to relax. I allowed my mind to still.

The only trouble with that was that my head kept turning itself to thoughts of Destiny.

When I wasn’t working on my music, she was all that I could think about.

I’d sent her a couple of texts.

Asked her if we could get together again—but she’d been vague and evasive in her replies. Said she had study and end-of-year exams. I was on the road. We weren’t going to be around each other much.

I still didn’t understand why she’d effectively said goodbye.

Damn it.

It fucking hurt.

But I didn’t want to admit that to myself, so I tried not to think about Destiny too much.

Besides, Liam kept saying things were going to be great while we were on tour.

Maybe I had to believe him.

An hour or so into the trip and my phone buzzed.

I pulled it from my pocket hoping to see Destiny’s name.

The screen read, “Mum”.

I’d spoken to her once on the phone since I left the house nearly a month ago—but I hadn’t managed to catch up with my family.

The text message read:

“Love you. So proud of you. Enjoy the tour! See you when you get home xxx”

Mum understood. I knew she understood. I still wanted Dad to understand, but then I guess he’d work it out in his own time.

Maybe that’s what Destiny thought when she sent me on my way.

That I’d understand in time.

But for now, I still didn’t get it.

“You’re fucking quiet,” Marty said as we helped lug the gear from the back of the van to the stage where we were setting up for tonight’s gig.

It smelled like the old school hall down in Milford. Not quite what I’d been expecting for my first gig on the tour.

“You heard from any of the girls?”

“Nah, not expecting too either.”

“Why not?”

Marty shrugged. “Just got the impression from Ella that they thought we were moving on.”

It seemed that Marty didn’t give a shit, so why should I?

Maybe I couldn’t let things go the same way that Marty was able to let them go.

My head was so full of shit, I tripped over one of Liam’s drum cases.

“Watch where you’re fucking going,” he yelled from inside the small pile of cases and stands.

I stopped and glared at him.

“Got a problem?” he asked as he fixed me with an equally hostile gaze.

His attitude was beginning to fuck me off—big time.

“No. But you have.”

“Wanna come over here and say that.”

My fists clenched at my sides.

“Save your energy for the show, lads,” Calvin said as he wheeled himself along the stage. “We know you got nerves, but it’s not going to help if you beat the living shit out of each other.”

Liam turned his attention back to setting up his drum kit.

Was I nervous?


I thought I just hated Liam and his entire attitude to everything.

“Come on guys,” Calvin clapped his hands together, the sound reverberated around the vacant hall. “Jeff wants sound check out of the way and everyone back at the motel in an hour.”

An hour.


If this was the kind of pace we were going to be keeping on the road, I was going to be a wreck by the end of the month.

They say, be careful what you wish for.

Maybe life on the road wasn’t quite what I’d been expecting.

Jeff, our intrepid sound man arrived at my side.

“If you’re nervous, just take this.” He handed me a pill in a tiny plastic wrapper. “It’ll take the edge off.”

I pocketed the pill.

Then looked up and caught Liam watching me and Jeff.

All hostility had gone.

Could that be concern in his eyes?

Something didn’t feel right.

What the fuck was going on?

* * *

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