King Brothers - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


I don’t quite know when I lost myself in Destiny.

Music had been my mistress for such a long time and women were something that hung on the peripheral—but Destiny was something else.

Maybe she’d been out of reach at school.

In with the right crowd while I’d hung out in the music suite with all the geeks. But over the last few weeks something had changed.

Whether it had changed inside of me, or whether it was Destiny’s determination that we’d end up in bed together.

I couldn’t be sure.

But right this minute, all I knew was that I wanted Destiny more than I wanted anything else in the world.

I might have even contemplated giving up my guitars for her.

A crazy thought—but then I guess that’s what lust does.

It addles your brain.

Something about the way that little white dress hugged Destiny’s body had obliterated all rational thought. The fact she was pissed off with me tonight, simply made her more maddeningly attractive.

I’d never been one to back down from a challenge and I wasn’t about to start now.

“Where were we last week?” I purred as my hands skimmed the bare flesh between the hem of Destiny’s dress and the top of her leather boots.

“You tell me,” she said as she leaned up on her elbows and dropped her knees sideways, giving me more access to the soft, sweet skin of her inner thighs.

My body felt as if it was on fire.

I pulled my shirt over my head.

Was it getting hot in here, or was I imagining things?

The fact that Destiny was a virgin too and that we were on this adventure for the first time together made her all the more attractive to me.

Despite her occasional standoffishness and her minor tantrum at being put in second place to the band, I could sense how much she wanted me now. Destiny was one of the most desirable women I’d ever had the pleasure to get to know.

Tonight, I reminded myself that I was going to get to know her intimately and in a way that I’d only dreamed about getting to know a woman until this moment.

“I want to make this last,” I whispered as I followed the soft skin of Destiny’s inner thigh with my lips. I stopped and stared up at her. “But I’m scared I’m not going to be able too.”

Every muscle in my body tensed, waiting on her response.

My cock strained against my jeans.

I wanted to take them off, but I was terrified that the extra stimulation would make me blow my load.

Destiny’s fingers ran through my hair.

I nuzzled into her hand like a cat. I could easily have purred with pleasure at her touch.

“Whatever happens is okay,” she cooed. “This is just between you and me, you’re not on stage now.”

She leaned forward and closed her lips over mine.

Destiny’s hungry tongue pressed into my mouth.

Her hand clamped onto the back of my neck as she pulled me down on top of her.

I heard myself moan.

The sound guttural and desperate.

I pulled away from Destiny. The vision of her lying on the bed, her reddish brown hair contrasting with the white of the sheets and pillows. To me, she looked like a Goddess lying in wait for me.

My cock pulsed again.

The sudden sound of high-pitched laughter filtered through the bedroom door.

“What now?” I grumbled as Destiny stared in the direction that the sound came from.

“If we can hear them,” she said in that infuriating way she had of pointing out the facts, “then they’ll be able to hear us.”

It shouldn’t have bothered me, but because it bothered Destiny, I knew I had to do something about it.

“Wait there and hold that thought,” I said as I rummaged around for my phone and a speaker.

“What are you doing,” Destiny asked as she sat up on the bed, kicked off her boots and then pulled her knees into her chest. The action made the tiny triangle of her underwear peek out from between the back of her thighs.

I could scarcely concentrate on what I was trying to do.

My brain had somehow ended up in my balls.

“Making sure they won’t hear a thing,” I said with a smile as I hit a playlist on my phone and the room filled with the sound of music.

“Brilliant,” Destiny declared. “Now come here, I’m sick of waiting for you.”

She pulled me to her by the belt on my jeans.

Before I had another chance to think, my jeans and underwear were down around my ankles and I could feel Destiny’s sweet breath on my cock.

“Should I lick you?”

My cock bobbed in response.

“Only if you want me to come all over your pretty face,” I replied.

Destiny’s hands cupped my balls and it felt as if my knees were going to give out on me.

“I’m game for most things,” Destiny said, “but I don’t think I’m game for that. Well not yet, anyway,” she added as an afterthought.

“Come here,” I said as I slipped my body away from Destiny’s hands. “I’ve been waiting to peel this dress of you all night.”

I grabbed the base of the skirt and pulled the dress up over Destiny’s head. I made quick work of her lacy white bra and panties.

At last.

Destiny was even more beautiful naked.

I could have sat and looked at her for hours.

“Stop staring,” she said as a blush began to form at the base of her throat.

I followed the movement of heat and colour with my lips.

“Are you still sure that this is what you want?” I asked as I leaned over Destiny’s beautiful body. I didn’t care anymore that a party raged through the other side of the bedroom door. I closed my lips around the hard pebble of her strawberry coloured nipple.

Destiny let out a gasp.

“Yes,” she panted. “I want you to be the first.”

I let my fingers walk their way down her body to the damp heat between her legs. Destiny sighed and opened herself to me. As I slipped a finger inside of her, I felt another bolt of tightness in my balls.

My fingers travelled Destiny’s slick folds and she began to pant.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “There’s a condom in my purse.”

“It’s okay,” I said as I reached for the cabinet beside the bed.

My fingers felt like they’d doubled in size.

They could work the frets of a guitar with ease, but somehow I couldn’t seem to co-ordinate them to open a condom wrapper.

“You want me to help?” Destiny asked.

“I got it.”

“Let me put it on,” she said taking the open foil packet from my hand.

I watched in awe as Destiny rolled the rubber down my aching cock.

“I thought this was your first time?” I said amazed at her seeming ability to expertly manage the slippery little rubber.

Destiny looked up at me from under her hair. “The girls like to play a few interesting games at sleepovers.”

A strange sense of relief washed over me.

Destiny opened her legs. “Come on,” she said.

I didn’t need another invitation.

“Tell me if I hurt you, okay?”

She nodded as her hands found their way to the small of my back.

I had the sensation of losing myself in Destiny as I inched my cock inside of her.

She wriggled underneath me.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Fine,” she replied.

The sensation of my cock sliding deeper into Destiny, combined with the vision of her beneath me was already becoming too much.

I couldn’t come.

I took a deep breath.

The overwhelming heat and scent of Destiny’s body washed over me.

I was drowning in her.

I locked my lips to hers.

Surrendered to her taste and her touch and her smell.

I pulled my cock out and slipped it back in.

Over and over.

The pleasurable sensations shattered through my body.

“Too good,” I moaned as I slipped out of Destiny and lay my aching cock against her.

“Don’t stop,” she said as she pulled my mouth back down on hers.

I did as ordered and slipped my cock back inside of her.

My body began to shudder of its own accord. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long.

“I have to stop,” I pleaded with Destiny.

“Don’t you dare,” she panted her hand firmly planted in the small of my back.

I tried counting to ten.

I didn’t get very far.

Destiny’s eyes went wide.

Her body shuddered under mine.

“Oh god,” I moaned as I let go and surrendered to the pleasure.

* * *

“Are you sure it was okay?” I asked Destiny.

We lay cuddled together on my bed, the sounds of the party in the next room seemed to be getting louder.

“Stop asking me that,” Destiny said as she ran her fingernails up my back, “it was fine.”

The sensation of her fingernails up my back made me hard.

“You want to go again?” I asked with a grin as I nudged the head of my now not so sensitive cock against her thigh.

Destiny held a finger against the side of her head and took a moment to think about the question.

Had it been that bad?

My stomach lurched.

She gave me an evil grin. “Yeah,” she said as she climbed up on top of me, her pebble-like nipples teasing my lips.

I wanted to suck them.

I pulled her down on me.

Collected the tight buds with my teeth.

Destiny sucked in a breath.

This time when my cock slipped inside of her, it all seemed easier.

There was no frantic rush.

I lay on my back and held Destiny’s body as she arched and stretched above me.

The pressure wasn’t the same at this angle.

I enjoyed the pleasurable sensations.

Watched the subtle movements of Destiny’s body as she took control.

I almost had the feeling that I could have laid here forever. Watching the graceful dance of our bodies together. Listening to the sounds of the street-life below and the party outside the bedroom door.

Somehow I lost all track of time.

Destiny leaned forward.

Slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Her entire body went into spasm around me.

Mine followed a few moments later.

I pulled the sheets up over us.

A fog of sensation settled around me and I fell into a blissful and exhausted sleep.


I tiptoed out of Dylan’s room, avoiding the bottles and fast food wrappers that littered the floor from the party here the night before.

Angela lay asleep on one of the couches.

Ella was nowhere to be seen. I suspected that she’d be tucked up in Marty’s room.

Thankfully, the bathroom was easily found and wasn’t in too bad a state, considering the noise that had been coming from the flat last night.

I checked the fridge, found an unopened bottle of water and tiptoed my way with care back to Dylan’s room.

I sat on the wide windowsill, drank half the bottle of water and watched the sun rise from behind the tall buildings of Auckland’s city centre.

My body felt sore in strange and unfamiliar places.

Dylan stirred.

He brushed his hair across his face and threw his arm out into the middle of the bed.

His body settled and the rhythmic and deep breathing of sleep recommenced.

I’d gotten what I wanted.

I’d wanted Dylan.

And I’d wanted Dylan to be my first.

Now that I’d achieved my objective, I wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

I watched him sleep.

He was beautiful.

A beautiful rockstar.

My beautiful rockstar?

Things between us had changed irrevocably.

I had a sudden and overwhelming feeling that Dylan King was going to break my heart.

* * *

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