King Brothers - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


I’d stowed my guitars upstairs in my room and come back down to meet with the band by the bar.

I was torn.

It seemed lately that I was always torn between one thing or another.

Destiny and the girls stood at one end of the bar. The band stood with Calvin at the other.

I’d had to walk past the girls twice since we stepped off stage and I could feel the negative vibes rolling off Destiny and the girls as soon as I walked back into the room.

I knew I should go and have a beer with the boys.

It was our first gig.

We’d gone down really well and the crowd loved us. The four of us had worked bloody hard this week and we deserved some time together to celebrate.

“There’re drinks on the bar,” Calvin said. “It’s not an open-ended tab,” he added with a wink, “but it’s enough for you to relax.”

“Thanks, mate,” Liam said as he handed me and Jesse a beer and then passed one to Marty.

“Here’s to Yellow Lady,” I said as I held my beer aloft.

“Yellow Lady,” the guys said in unison as we touched the necks of our brown beer bottles together.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Destiny and the girls agitating at the other end of the room.

“Your chick over there,” Liam asked as he cocked his head in the direction of the girls.

“Yeah, sort of,” I said. “It’s complicated.”

He grinned around the neck of his bottle of beer, a knowing glint in his eye. “It always is, mate, it always is.”

I’d wanted Destiny so much last week and that base attraction hadn’t gone away. She looked so fuckable standing over there in her white dress and her boots.

But there was other shit on my mind now.

Important shit.

Not that Destiny wasn’t important.

But I had the feeling that what had gone down here tonight would certainly change my future.

The thoughts and the feelings hung heavy in the pit of my stomach.

I had an obligation and a responsibility to the band now.

But fuck.

If I didn’t still want Destiny so much it fucking hurt.

“You should go see her,” Liam said and then he added after another suck on his bottle of beer, “but don’t underestimate how complicated it’ll get once we’re on the road.”

“You some sort of fucking agony aunt now?” I asked.

He shrugged.

“Been there. Done that. Women are a dime a dozen on the road. I’m just trying to tell you to keep it simple, that’s all.”

The comment got my back up.

“What’s it to you, what happens with me and Destiny?”

“We’re a band,” Liam said, as he poked a finger in my chest. “Everything you do affects us all. Don’t ever fucking forget that.”

I decided I didn’t want to spend another minute with Liam.

With a lift of my chin, I caught Marty’s eye. “I’m going to see the girls, you coming?”

“Sure,” Marty said.

“Take it easy,” Liam said with a genuine smile. What was it with him? Behaving as if he hadn’t just had his finger in the middle of my chest.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Jesse added with what could only be described as a lear.

“Fuck off,” I replied.

The idea of Liam telling me what I could and couldn’t do grated.

I knew we were a band.

If it hadn’t been apparent from the moment we’d stood in a rehearsal room together, it was very apparent the second that we took the stage.

I was used to looking out for Marty—but these other two. That was going to take some getting used to. And what the fuck did Destiny have to do with the band?

Liam wasn’t thinking straight.

“Hey,” I said to Destiny and the girls as Marty and I arrived at the other side of the bar.

“So you decided to grace us with your presence, oh mighty rockstars,” Destiny said. The note of sarcasm wasn’t lost on me.

If she kept this up, I’d gladly go back to having a few drinks with Liam and Jessie. I didn’t need any complicated shit in my life at the moment—maybe that’s what Liam was harping on about.

“Great show, guys,” Angela said.

“You girls need another drink?” God knows I did.

I didn’t bother waiting for them to answer and I hailed Alannah over.

“Bourbon for me and Marty and whatever wine the girls are drinking.”

“You were fuckin’ magic up there tonight,” Alannah said as she delivered the requested drinks.

“Thanks,” I replied.

Destiny bristled beside me.

I handed her a drink and she didn’t even crack a smile.

“We should get out of here,” she said. “Go somewhere quiet.”

“Calvin wants us to watch Rise.”

“What?” Destiny said, sounding like a spoilt brat, “and now you do everything Calvin asks you to do?”

I stared her down.

“Yeah. He pays my wages, you got an issue with that?”

Fuck, she was hot when she was angry.

Destiny huffed and took a sip of her wine.

The lights went up and Rise took the stage.

The crowd roared.

I slipped my arm around Destiny.

She relaxed into me and I decided that she couldn’t be that pissed off with me after all.


I still wanted to fucking hit him.

But there was something about the way my body folded into his.

As if we belonged together.

I couldn’t deny the excitement I felt when I watched Dylan up on stage.

The same excitement that had run though my body last week, erupted again tonight when he sang.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

The girl behind the bar felt it too—I knew that she did. I saw the way that she looked at him. Undressing him with her eyes. It did something to me that I’d not expected.


It was an ugly emotion that I’d tried to avoid.

Being with Dylan.

Would I feel like this all the time?

He lived here now, at the pub.

I was at school on the Shore and he was here—living the life of an up-and-coming rock star. Of course women were going to look at him with bedroom eyes.

I still couldn’t decide whether this was what I wanted.

Yet, stood here with the bulk of Dylan’s hard body beside me. He still felt warm and damp from the time he’d spent up on stage. How could something that felt so right be suddenly so terrifying?

How much had changed in a week?

“You’re looking fucking stunning,” Dylan whispered to me in between the first and second song. The warmth of his lips brushed my neck and the warmth of his words fed the raging desire that had been simmering inside of me.

I was lost to my own desire.

His words and the way he held me left me with no question as to what I wanted.

“I’ve a room upstairs,” he whispered again.

The words send a shudder through my body.

Dylan’s eyes connected with mine.

He wanted me in the same way that I wanted him.

An explosion of lust rattled through my body and then settled deep inside of me like a swirling mass of heated lava.

“We won’t be disturbed this time,” he said as his lips closed over mine.

Any residual anger that I carried evaporated in the wake of his heated kiss.

I wanted Dylan King.

I wanted him naked.

I wanted him inside of me and nothing was going to stand in my way.

Not this time.

“Can we go?” I asked. I didn’t want to sound pathetic and needy, but I’d waited long enough for this man. I wanted him to be my first and I wanted that to happen tonight.

“Soon,” he cooed. “Relax, enjoy the music. Let it take you.”

I didn’t want the fucking music to take me, I wanted Dylan to take me.

Patience had never been one of my strong suits, but for Dylan I figured I could wait until the end of time if it meant I could feel his hot, naked flesh against my own.


As tempted as I’d been to take Destiny upstairs half way through Rise’s second set, I decided that discretion was the better course of action.

She fidgeted against me the entire time the band was on stage.

I could barely concentrate on them and I struggled to ignore the increasing pressure that Destiny’s incessant wriggling had on my cock.

Rise were fantastic.

No doubt about it.

If Calvin could take us to the dizzy heights that Rise had reached, then I’d be a fucking happy man. In fact, I wouldn’t be happy, I’d be ecstatic.

As Rise took a final bow, I grabbed Destiny’s hand and pulled her towards the door marked, “Private.”

The ever aware Liam caught my eye and raised a bottle in my direction.

I gave him the finger.

He laughed out loud.

“Hurry,” I hissed as I pulled Destiny through the door. Hopefully, in the wake of Rise leaving the stage, we wouldn’t be missed by anyone else.

Marty and Ella were all loved up on the edge of the bar and I saw Angela in deep conversation with Liam and Jesse.

They were big girls and they could all look after themselves.

All I cared about tonight was getting this tight little white dress off of Destiny’s body.

As the lift doors closed behind us, I pressed her up against the wall, the full weight of my body pinning her to the cold steel of the old-fashioned lift.

Destiny moaned as my tongue found its way inside of her mouth.

She tasted of cider and apples.

My hands found their way into her hair.

It unfurled as the pins that were holding it in place dislodged and fell to the ground.

The lift shuddered to a halt and my aching cock rubbed against Destiny’s body.

Now I wanted to moan.

“Come on,” I croaked as I took her hand and pulled her through our living area and into my bedroom.

Only after I’d locked the door behind us did I stop to take a breath and compose myself.

Destiny took a moment and carefully assessed my room. Then she stood in front of the large sash window, her body a sexy silhouette against the lights of the street below.

She turned around, hands on hips and stared at me. She had that angry, dangerous look about her that had made me wild with longing downstairs.

“You know how many times I was fucking tempted to walk out on you tonight?”

Now I had her here, with the door locked, certain that we wouldn’t be disturbed and fortified by the bourbon and my earlier success on stage, a surge of power ran through me.

I raised my eyebrows, “How many?”

The challenge was met.

“Too fucking many times to count.”

“But you’re still here,” I said. I couldn’t decide whether I should take a step towards her, or whether I should go and sit down on the bed.

I decided not to move.

Let her take the lead.

This relationship—if you could call it that—had been all on mine and the band’s terms so far. Now it was time to let Destiny have her head and take control.

“What do you want, Destiny?”

At the sound of her name, I watched a shiver run through Destiny’s body.

My cock pulsed.

“I want you,” she said, crossing her arms and pushing up her impossibly pert chest. I wanted to bury my face in the soft flesh of her chest.

“I’m right here, babe,” I said as I opened my arms inviting her to come to me.

“You can be a complete prick, do you know that?” Destiny said as she took a step towards me, a half-smile turning up the corner of one side of her mouth.

“That’s why you want me,” I said as I put my hand out and pulled her body back into mine.

We fell on the bed together.

“There’s something you should know,” I said to her, as our mouths separated from one of the most intense kisses I’d ever experienced in my life.

“Tell me,” Destiny cooed as she ran her fingers across the light stubble on my chin.

“I’ve never done this before.”

My cock ached to be inside of her, but I was terrified that as soon as it found its way I’d come and then I’d disappoint Destiny.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was disappoint Destiny.

“Well,” she said as she cocked her head to one side and gave me an impish grin. She made me wait for her to finish the sentence as her hands found their way down the front of my shirt. I sucked in a breath as she began to unbutton the buttons. “Then I guess that makes two of us. But don’t worry,” her hand found my heated flesh and worry flew from my mind. “We’ll work this out together.”

* * *

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