King Brothers - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


I sat in the passenger seat of Marty’s mum’s Toyota station wagon. Marty had the barely adequate car stereo blaring. He’d somehow managed to hook the antiquated system up to the bluetooth on his phone and the smooth, electro pop sound of Imagine Dragons and their song Whatever it Takes filled the vehicle. The sounds added to the mellow feeling that flowed through my body.

“The girls are picking up some wine and coming back to your place,” I said to Dylan.

“Cool. Just the three of them?”

“Think so. Unless you invited anyone?”

Marty shook his head. “Nah.” In the flash of the streetlights as we sped home, Marty’s blond hair had taken on an unnatural golden hue. For the gig, Marty had put his collar-length hair up in a man bun. The girls loved the look, but to me it was still a shock when I caught sight of the tiny ball of hair tucked up on the back of Marty’s head. I was more used to seeing his hair laden with salt and beginning to look like straw from the hours that we spent on surf boards at the beach.

“You know we picked up a grand tonight don’t you?” I said to Marty.

“You’re fucking shitting me,” he said as he flicked on the indicator and began the familiar manoeuvre that would see us seamlessly slip into a stream of traffic on Auckland’s northern motorway system.

“No bullshit.” It felt good. The wad of cash sitting in my back pocket.

“Fuck,” Marty shook his head. “That’ll save you a few shifts at the shed.”

I was planning to put a large proportion of my share of the money to one side.

“I was thinking about putting four hundred or so into some recording time. Get us both in the studio.”

Marty shrugged. “If you think it’ll help I’m happy to put in whatever you’re going to put in.”

“Shit hot.”

“We’re in this together,” Marty said as he indicated left ready to take the exit for the beach.

“If we keep going like we did tonight,” I said “then you’ll be quitting school and we’ll be touring the country.”

“You think?”

“I’m fucking sure, I can feel it in my bones. Did you see the way they went off in there tonight?”

“Maybe they were just drunk,” Marty offered with a sly sideways grin.

“I don’t think so, but I feel a fucking great bender coming on after our success tonight.”

“Yeah, well let’s just get the gear in before you get shit faced,” Marty said as we turned into his driveway.

“How far away do you think the girls are?” Marty asked as he lifted up the back door of the station wagon and began to pull out the gear and set it down on the driveway.

“Shouldn’t be too long,” I said as I picked up a cube of cables and my effects pedals and began the short trudge to Marty’s bedroom door.

“I can’t wait until we get some roadies,” Marty moaned as he stowed the gear in the corner of his room.



Life had begun to change and change couldn’t happen fast enough as far as I was concerned.


My palms began to sweat and a strange sense of excitement ran through me as we approached the door to Marty’s bedroom.

I’d walked this path hundreds of times before, spent plenty of late evenings inside with Dylan and Marty, but tonight something had changed. I felt it when Dylan came and sat down next to me on the stage.

A new and intimidating energy circulated between the two of us.

I’d become hyper-aware of every little sound that his body made, every scent that emanated from him and when he looked at me with brown eyes that had suddenly become overly intense, tiny dancing butterflies took flight in my stomach.

No-one had ever made me feel the things that I’d started to feel when I was around Dylan King.

“Hey,” I said as I opened the door to Marty’s room. I tried my best to sound cool and casual, but in my haste to put the bottle of wine down on the table, it slipped from my damp hand and hit the wooden surface with an unnatural thump.

“Let me get that,” Dylan said. “I know we did a great job tonight, but there’s no need to smash the bottle over the table.”

“What?” A shot of electricity ran through my hand as Dylan’s fingers touched my skin. I noticed for the first time the tiny speckles of gold that sat inside the brown of his eyes.

“You witnessed the launch of our music career tonight,” Dylan said as he hunted in one of Marty’s cupboards for the glasses that we all knew were stashed there. “Make a note of this night. You can say you were there when we started our musical journey of world domination.”

“You sound like a complete dick,” Marty said from the other side of the room.

“You disagree with me?”

“No,” he said, taking a swig of his drink, “but that doesn’t stop you sounding like a dick.”

“I still don’t understand,” I said. I was certain that I must have sounded like a complete idiot.

Dylan smiled at me, Marty forgotten, it was as if his whole focus moved to me and we were the only two people in the entire room.

There went those tiny butterflies again.

“When you launch a ship, you smash a bottle of champagne over its bow,” he sounded as if he was a teacher, explaining a difficult equation to a slow student.

“Oh.” He was making a joke. Should I laugh?

I decided to return the smile. If I laughed I was certain that I’d sound like some kind of demented, out-of-control female. The fact that I felt like some kind of demented, out-of-control female said something about the effect that Dylan’s proximity was having on me.

“You guys were great,” I said. Although it was a moot point whether or not Dylan needed anyone else telling him he was good.

Dylan handed me a tumbler of wine and passed one to each of the girls. He and Marty cracked the tab on what looked like their second can of bourbon.

“You told me that at the pub,” he said as he sat down on his bed next to me.

Angela and Ella had taken their wines over to Marty’s side of the room. Could they have made it more obvious that they were leaving me with Dylan, I wondered?

The movement of the mattress under my body caused it to tilt closer to Dylan’s.

In the ordinary course of events, I would have moved further across the bed and opened up the gap between our bodies, but tonight I didn’t want to do that.

Dylan held his can towards my glass. “Here’s to the future,” he said.

Was he talking about our future, I wondered or the future of him and Marty?

I touched my glass to his can and took a drink of the wine in the tumbler.

Dylan’s eyes never left mine as he mirrored my action. Then he did something that I wasn’t expecting. He took the tumbler from my hand and put it down on the table in front of us. I watched with fascination as he downed most of the can of bourbon, the Adam’s apple in his neck bouncing up and down as he swallowed each large mouthful.

He dropped the can on the table next to my tumbler of wine. Then he kicked off the black boots that he’d worn on stage and, with a care that I hadn’t expected to see, dropped his socks inside the heeled boots.

A reckless smile crossed Dylan’s face as his eyes caught mine again.

The excitement that had been building inside of me escalated to another level.

Dylan threw himself across his bed and landed on his back. The shock of him hitting the mattress could easily have been enough to throw me from my perch.

“Come here,” he said, inviting me to lay beside him.

My mouth went dry.

I hesitated for a moment and he cocked his head to one side as if he were reassessing the situation. Wasn’t this what I wanted? Wasn’t it what I’d hinted at earlier in the week when I told him I wanted him to take me to the movies?

Why now that he lay, waiting for me to join him on the bed did I hesitate?

Dylan leaned up on his elbows.

Confusion crossed his features.

“I thought this was what you wanted?” he said.

“It was. It is,” I corrected myself. The wine should have made me bolder and yet now that the opportunity that I sought had presented itself, anxiety fought with desire.

At my core, I was shy.

I hadn’t imagined being in this position with other people in the room.

“What about them,” I said casting a look across the other side of the dimly lit space.

Dylan sat up and peered across towards Marty's bed.

“They seem to be having a fine time,” he said.

I turned around and took another look.

Angela and Ella had wasted little time in getting themselves comfortable over on Marty’s bed. It was hard to see where one of them started and the other one ended.

My friends weren’t loose by any stretch of the imagination—but we’d all agreed that there was something about the way Dylan and Marty had been on stage that had changed our perceptions of them both.

“So, are you coming to join me or are you going to sit there all night watching the three of them?” Dylan asked.

His relaxed smile.

The call of his body and the intoxicating events of the evening had their desired effect.

I crawled up beside Dylan.

He lay back, allowing me to slip into the cocoon of his body.

The musky scent of desire hung between the two of us.

“You’ve changed,” I said as I lay my head on the pillow beside him and allowed him to run his fingers over my cheek. The tips of his fingers had tough little patches of skin that tickled.

“Changed in a good way, I hope,” he said as his lips moved closer to mine.

“I think so,” I replied the last of the words lost in an explosion of sensation as his lips closed over mine.


As my lips touched Destiny’s, my body exploded in an overwhelming rush of desire.

My cock strained against my jeans.

I wanted to tear her clothes off her.

Ram myself inside of her until I couldn’t move.

Until she couldn’t move.

Instead, my tongue found its way inside the sweet confines of her mouth. Hers met mine as we both struggled to control the mounting desire that pounded through us.

Her hands were under my shirt.

The touch of nails and fingers on my belly sending circuits of sensation direct to my cock.

I rolled over on top of her.

Forcing her hands above her head.

I spread her legs with my thighs and pressed my hard cock down on her.

Destiny moaned with increasing pleasure, her eyes wide and her breath coming in short bursts.

“Jesus, I want to fuck you so bad,” I said as I buried my face in the hollow of her chest.

She arched up into me as my hands found the heavy globes of her breasts.

I had an overwhelming desire to suck them and now I could think of nothing else. I pulled the soft fabric of her dress aside, the black of the material a stark contrast to the pale colour of Destiny’s breast.

My thumb scrubbed across the brown of her nipple and it hardened at my touch.

Destiny sucked in a breath in response.

When my lips slipped over the taut piece of flesh she moaned aloud.

“We can’t do this here,” she stammered, “it’s not right.”

Warning bells sounded in my head.

It took all of my resolve, but reluctantly, I let go of her nipple and rolled onto my back.

I wasn’t going to do anything that Destiny didn’t want to do.

No matter how much my balls ached and no matter how hard it was for me to get my breath.

I wasn’t that kind of guy.

“Where can we do it then?” I asked trying to get my out-of-control libido back under control.

“I have a key to the surf club,” she said.

It wasn’t ideal and frankly I couldn’t see what the hell Destiny was worrying about, especially with her friends so into Marty on the other side of the room.

“Let’s go,” I said as I pulled on my socks and boots.

“You know that they were too busy to even notice what we were doing don’t you?” I said to Destiny as we walked the short distance, hand in hand, from Marty’s house to the surf club.

It was almost 2am.

The building lay in darkness.

I didn’t like the idea of Destiny being out here at this time of night—even if she did have me by her side.

“It made me uncomfortable, them all being there,” she replied as she pulled a small set of keys from the bag that she had slung over her shoulder. “There are advantages to having a parent on the committee,” she said with a smile as she unlocked the deadbolt on the front door of the surf club.

As we entered the building, the high-pitched warning scream of the burglar alarm filled the air.

“Shit, do you have the code?”

“What, you think I’d bring you here and then have security arrive?” Destiny replied as she made her way to the keypad on the entranceway wall and punched in the four digit code.

The relief from the scream of the internal siren was almost instant.

My entire body relaxed.

“Now,” she said taking my hand. “Follow me.”

Destiny lead me through the basement of the surf club to a door that I hadn’t noticed before.

She took another key from her keyring and unlocked the second door.

“Where the hell are we?” I said as she pulled me into a small hallway and then closed the door behind us.

“The caretaker’s flat,” she replied.

“What caretaker?”

“Exactly,” she said the sound of triumph in her voice.

“You’re a minx,” I said to Destiny as I trapped her against the wall. My hungry lips fell on hers and I felt the scorching tingle of her touch again as her hands reached under my shirt.

“Come on, this way.” She slipped out from under my arm and headed down the short hallway and then disappeared to the right.

“How many men have you brought here?” I asked in hot pursuit.

“That’s for me to know,” her voice trailed back to me and I followed the sound.

A soft yellow light came from a crack in a door.

I found Destiny sitting on a double bed in a sparsely furnished room.

She patted the space beside her.

“Now, where did we leave off?” she asked.

* * *

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