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August 28, 2018


So it was pretty clear who you all want to get to know in Season 2.

Liam Herewini will begin the arduous task of exposing his raw underbelly to you all.

I don’t know how you see Liam in your head, but the idea of exploring his underbelly does strange things to me!


August 21, 2018

It seems that Destiny (literally) has brought us to the end of the first season of the King Brothers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking you on this journey with these four wonderful men.

But, it’s time to work out where we go next.

This is not the end—but the beginning of...

August 14, 2018

Aw, crap!

Why does it always appear as if it has to come down to one thing or the other?

Why can’t we have both for a change? I mean that would make everyone happy…wouldn’t it?

So many dilemmas to be dealt with when you’re chasing your dream.

Enjoy this week’s chapter and—...

August 7, 2018

It’s getting interesting as the story progresses to include the decisions that you’ve made into the storyline. This week’s resolution of the question that I asked the week before last is a perfect example of how the back story for the band is becoming a rich and deep t...

August 1, 2018

Firstly, my apologies for being a day late with this week’s episode. I had some time away with my family and consequently, much needed time away from the keyboard.

You all never cease to surprise me with your voting. I was certain that the voting would go one way this w...

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