Ode to a Cat

We lost a special part of our family in 2012, our friend, Tigger. He'd been with us since the year 2000 and was (and still is) a much-loved member of the household. He was brought home as a tiny kitten for Mr Gamer and they immediately bonded and have been pretty much inseparable since.

To date, I haven't managed to bring myself to remove Tigger's water bowl from the kitchen floor - and that's got nothing to do with the fact that I hand-made it for him in 2002 when I was going through my 'ceramics period'- honest ;-)

Mr Gamer and I decided that we wanted to keep Tigger close, so he's been laid to rest in our garden, with an assortment of sweet smelling herbs and a feijoa tree marking the spot. As an aside, feijoas are one of Mr Gamer's favorite fruits, so it seemed an appropriate gesture.

We've had a few cats in our time, but Tigger was special in so many ways, here's just a few of the wonderful things we'll remember about him:

➢ He loved to sleep on Mr Gamer's bed and his pillow and his sheets and his dirty clothes and his clean clothes....
➢ He had a knack for catching rats almost the size of himself that was legendary. You didn't interrupt the process when Tigger was flinging a rat up and down the stairwell, knocking the living daylights out of it! Many a prize rodent has been delivered to the doorstep as a gift - a couple also made it inside (alive) for a spot of hide and seek.... ugh!
➢ When 'him indoors' announced that, "No cat has ever gotten the better of me," Tigger took to the challenge with gusto. I'm sure it was less than a week later after quick nips to tender calf muscles that him indoors was putting out Tigger's breakfast before he made the morning cup of tea. Tigger's new nickname, 'furry feline terrorist' followed shortly thereafter.
➢ Tigger arrived on the scene as a kitten at the same time that Mr Muso's staffie pup became a member of the household. Tigger and Cinnamon struck up a great friendship and Tigger is the only cat I've ever known who was happy to put his head inside the mouth of a Staffordshire bull terrier! The cat had balls - well, he did until he was neutered! Cinnie misses her furry friend too.
➢ One of Tigger's most impressive feats was learning how to turn off Mr Gamer's computer - usually when the cat wanted a pat or some 'Tigger time'.

What I miss the most about Tigger is the quiet times he and I used to have when we were home alone together. He'd let me pick him up and he'd snuggle under my chin (usually with accompanying purring) while we gazed out of the window together watching the world go by.

Cats will always have a special place in my life - but there's a very special place in my heart with the name 'Tigger' on it.

I released my second book, CATCH at the end of last year. Tamsen has a very special feline friend called, Azzie. I'm picking (upon reflection) that there may well be quite a few of Tigger's personality quirks in Azzie.

I think that's kind of special as well.

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Lovely post. Cats are brilliant. I lost mine this year, too, and I miss him dreadfully. Cheers MTM

Yes, they just leave a big furry hole in your heart, don't they? Take time to heal and then maybe consider giving a shelter animal a loving home - I'm sure that's what your cat would have wanted. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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